Spatial analysis of asbestos exposure and occupational health care in Poland during the period 2004-2013

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Małgorzata Krówczyńska *
Ewa Wilk
(*) Corresponding Author:
Małgorzata Krówczyńska |


Asbestos is carcinogenic to humans and exposure to this substance can cause a wide range of diseases. In Poland 1997, a statutory ban was introduced on the production, use and marketing of products containing asbestos. The National Programme for Asbestos Abatement for 2009-2032 includes scheduled activities considering asbestos exposure assessment and health protection. As there are several data sources for asbestos exposure in Poland, which are not linked, the aim of this study was to gather and order them developing a PostgreSQL database, an open-source, objectrelational system. The data gathered combines the following information: the quantity of asbestos-cement products in use, details of asbestos manufacturing plants, the results of the measurements of asbestos fibre concentrations in the air and cases of asbestos-related diseases. The relational database was then used to develop a spatial analysis of asbestos monitoring and exposure in Poland to demonstrate the current state of realisation of the National Asbestos Abatement Programme in the country for 2009-2032 with the use of geoinformation techniques. The use of a database on health aspects of occupational and environmental asbestos exposure was also proposed in Asbestos, Asbestosis, and Cancer: Helsinki Criteria update 2014.

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