Dispersal of harmful fruit fly pests by international trade and a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay to prevent their introduction

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Simon Blaser *
Cornelia Heusser
Hanspeter Diem
Andreas von Felten
Morgan Gueuning
Michael Andreou
Neil Boonham
Jennifer Tomlinson
Pie Müller
Jürg Utzinger
Jürg E. Frey
Beatrice Frey
Andreas Bühlmann
(*) Corresponding Author:
Simon Blaser | simon.blaser@agroscope.admin.ch


Global trade of plant products represents one of the major driving forces for the spread of invasive insect pests. This visualization illustrates the problem of unintended dispersal of economically harmful fruit fly pests using geospatial maps based on interception data from the Swiss import control process. Furthermore, it reports the development of a molecular diagnostic assay for rapid identification of these pests at points of entry such as sea- and airports as a prevention measure. The assay reliably differentiates between target and non-target species within one hour and has been successfully evaluated for on-site use at a Swiss point of entry.

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